First Meetup

Because who doesn't like awesome?

select {
case <-time.After(time.Second):
    // run timeout code
case result := <-requests:
	// run result code

Pointers and structs!

import "fmt"

type Awesome struct {
    HowAwesome int
    reason     string
    randomPntr *func()

var printCool = func() { fmt.Println("go is so cool") }

func main() {
    a := Awesome{
        HowAwesome: 5,
        reason:     "just because",
        randomPntr: &printCool,


But seriously...why?

A couple reasons

Why this Meetup?

What do you want out of it?

Some fun links

Drop me a line!

Me: Trey (Lee) Tacon
Email: or